Using EFT to Create More Money, Success and Abundance

Can Using EFT Create More Money, Success and Abundance in Your Life?

Is there a trick to creating more abundance in one’s life? Many have asserted that money is a form of energy–nothing more–and that the concept of abundance is associated with a particular vibration of energy. People have claimed that using EFT combined with thoughts of love and gratitude and the concepts taught in books about attracting abundance can really bring about the desired results.

It’s about transforming limiting beliefs and feelings of undeservedness, being willing to step outside one’s comfort zone, keeping careful reign over feelings (focusing on the positive ones) and being open to prosperity consciousness. When you can change your thought vibrations away from worrying about the future and about not having enough money, to the higher energy levels of gratitude and acceptance–this will open the door for letting in abundance.

To a large degree, people operate within certain comfort zones. A comfort zone can have the effect of putting a ceiling on whether you are able to progress to a higher level of monetary success, based on subconscious beliefs that may have been taught to you at an early age. One example is noticing whether your income earnings are staying at a relatively same level year after year. If so, this is likely evidence that a comfort zone is in play, affecting your ability to increase your financial earnings.

If you are self-employed and a practitioner in a mental health field, you know there are lots of variables affecting your income: The amount of time you allot for vacationing, your clients’ vacations, illness (yours and your clients’), the amount of referrals you get, the various days of the week that a holiday may fall on, and, of course, the economy, both locally and nationally. If you see that despite all the variables, your income level remains very close to the same amount year after year, you are probably caught in your comfort zone. But take heart! Using EFT can enable you to break through this, once you work on overcoming your resistance, and you may observe that even without raising your fees or doing anything different with your advertising, you can increase your income even in an economic downturn!

There are some common limiting beliefs. One is if you were taught that if you perform really well, you are showing off or taking the spotlight away from another sibling or even out-doing what your parents were able to achieve, and this may have been seen as verboten in your family. Another limiting belief is that wealthy people are bad or greedy or shallow and ruthless. Perhaps these subconsciously ingrained beliefs cause you to fear disapproval from a parent that may have taught you these values. Such beliefs about what it means to be wealthy can be revealed and treated with EFT.

If desire to be financially successful arouses feelings of guilt; if you feel that your success may take away from others, or that there is a limited supply of money to go around, these thoughts will limit your ability to increase your wealth. You will subconsciously sabotage your progress and find ways to ignore or reject opportunities. Again, working with EFT can change those thoughts and put you on the road to increasing your success.

Some of us think we don’t have enough time or love or money, etc. This form of prosperity consciousness will block the flow of financial abundance. You will only receive what your conscious or unconscious belief is allowing. This, too, with the help of EFT, can be expanded to the certainty that there is plenty to go around.

It is vital to promote feelings of abundance. Even if your bank account is not where you want it to be, you can at least appreciate and bask in the richness and abundance of nature, the wealth of friends and/or loving individuals in your life, even the amount of compassion you are able to exude. Let go of poverty feelings and opt for feelings of abundance in whatever form feels doable to you. Pay attention to and be grateful for what you DO have in your life, instead of what’s missing. This changes the vibration you emanate outward to align with Source energy, which will reflect the same vibration–of abundance–back to you. The affirmations of EFT performed while tapping the acupoints will greatly assist you in achieving all of the results you want, and help to abolish those insidious fears and doubts! Read more…