Use EFT for Chronic Pain Relief

EFT Tapping as Pain Relief

For those dealing with chronic pain resulting from either an illness or an accident, it can feel very debilitating and limiting. The constant ache can leave you feeling depressed and uncomfortable more often than you feel energized and well.

Instead of relying on painkillers that may leave you feeling drowsy and less than capable of driving safely; Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT or Tapping can bring you relief.

For some people, stiffness and chronic pain is robbing their quality of life. Using EFT to help relax and release stress and tension from your body and from deep within your muscles can help you to relieve some discomfort and pain.

EFT works in stimulating specific acupressure points on energy meridians in our bodies by gently tapping in certain spots. The premise is that this technique helps to stimulate the energy flow through your body and can help with releasing from where you are storing pain or discomfort.

As with many unconventional or alternative treatments, tapping has not been medically proven per se, but millions of people all over the globe swear by it. Since it costs nothing but a little time and energy, and has no real associated risks, it can prove extremely beneficial for those dealing with chronic pain issues. Being able to enjoy potential benefits without any associated surgery or drug therapy is definitely a bonus!

A wonderful thing about Emotional Freedom Techniques is that they are akin to psychotherapy and considered to be a form of knowledge therapy. Therefore, anyone who wants to educate themselves on the practice can.

The treatment can either be self-administered or you can make an appointment with an EFT expert. Many of them work over the phone or via Skype and you don’t necessarily need to make a clinical appointment or visit them in their home or office to receive the benefits.

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Self-treatment of back pain or muscular or body pain only requires the basic knowledge of the techniques. This is a very economical and empowering way to help work through pain. Tapping participants find problematic feelings and thoughts that are in their minds and develop and recite positive affirmations in response to these emotional blockages.

As they are working through the set-up statement discerning the issue to be worked on and the subsequent affirmations, they gently tap on certain acupuncture or acupressure points.

EFT for Back Pain

EFT has grown in popularity with people suffering with chronic back pain. Numerous health professionals who treat people with back pain are now offering it as part of their services.

Many alternative therapists are using this technique too. Massage Therapists and Reiki Masters among others are adding EFT to their repertoire.

If a self-directed approach is more your style; taking some time to view online videos can be a great way to tap alongside a professional. This is ideal for fitting it into your schedule and customizing a routine around your day. Once you do a few online videos, you will have the hang of it.

Some people have eliminated their chronic pain issues altogether. Be as specific as you can with your affirmations and you will start feeling better sooner!