Radical Energy Medicine for Your Most Deep-Rooted Blocks to Wellbeing with Cyndi Dale

Experience the gamma brainwave state to clear longstanding emotional blocks.

How might your life change if you could easily clear energies that are blocking you from feeling strong, peaceful, happy, and healthy?

Gamma Consciousness — a brainwave state used by ancient shamans and modern-day energy medicine healers — provides us with a powerful means for activating the energetic shifts necessary to unlock our body’s ability to heal… and the soul’s ability to thrive.

According to preeminent intuitive and world-renowned healer Cyndi Dale, it’s the fastest, most potent vehicle for clearing our most entrenched emotional blocks for deep transformation at all levels — body, mind, and spirit.

You’ll experience a guided exercise to induce a gamma brainwave state and healing exploration through your ninth chakra to support the clearing of an emotional wound — in Radical Energy Medicine for Your Most Deep-Rooted Blocks to Wellbeing: Clear Stuck Emotions & Dark Energies With Gamma Consciousness & the Power of Your 9th Chakra.

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Experience Gamma Brainwave radical energy medicine to clear stuck emotions & dark energies

During this fascinating online mini-workshop, you’ll: 

  • Gain an understanding of Gamma Consciousness and its ability to help us reach the highest possible level of emotional healing
  • Discover how your ninth chakra holds the key codes that can help you achieve all levels of wellbeing — body, mind, and spirit
  • Learn the types of dark energies or entities, how they can hamper your health and soul’s evolution, and ways they can be cleared from your energy system
  • Be guided through an exercise to experience a gamma brainwave state and use the power of your ninth chakra to help clear a deep-seated emotional issue
  • Experience a psychic surgery to alter the “blueprint” holding a negative emotion or dark energy within you to promote renewal and wholeness

When you join Cyndi for this complimentary online event, you’ll discover how to wield true “3-D power” to rapidly clear your subconscious of the energetic blocks underlying your everyday issues and your often impossible-to-transform longstanding issues — some that may span lifetimes.

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to use the power of energy medicine and the specific extrasensory energies of your chakras to clear yourself of negativity and restore balance and vitality! 

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In Radical Energy Medicine for Your Most Deep-Rooted Blocks to Wellbeing: Clear Stuck Emotions & Dark Energies With Gamma Consciousness & the Power of Your 9th Chakra, you’ll experience the gamma brainwave state and power of your ninth chakra — the most potent means for rapidly clearing everyday and longstanding emotional blocks to your wellbeing — to better navigate these challenging times and beyond.