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NO ONE avoids hardship and trauma. It is part of the human experience.

HOW we snap back, our resilience, is KEY to our life experience.

Those who can turn trauma into a stepping stone for better lives… Patients who are able to shift out of destructive behavior, or comply with new protocols and shifts…. All of them have one trait in common: Resilience!

With resilience, everything becomes manageable.

Scientists have begun to prove, and measure, this very thing, and the amazing news is that you can LEARN resilience.

Resilience Roadmap Summit 2011

Enhance your resilience at the complimentary and online Resilience Roadmap Summit!

What if the toughest moments of your life did not depend on how prepared you were or your financial savings or your friends or family or doctors?

What if recovering from every hurdle you ever faced was about how resilient you are?

Scientists have begun to prove — and measure — this very thing, and the amazing news is: YOU CAN LEARN RESILIENCE!

Like learning a language or a recipe, resilience is actually an acquired skill.

In fact, the #1 key or predictive factor of unlocking success in any health challenge — or trauma — turns out to be RESILIENCE.

Enhance your resilience when you attend this complimentary, online event!

And it’s not just trauma — or life-wrenching illness — you actually need resilience to:

  • Change your diet
  • Improve your sleep
  • Lose weight (and keep it off)
  • Remember to take your supplements (instead of letting them pile up unused in the cupboard)
  • Choose to get out of bed in the morning and exercise instead of hitting the snooze button


And perhaps MORE important, a higher capacity for resilience has been shown to help manage emotions, like anger, frustration, impatience, anxiety, grief and depression, which, in turn, helps to neutralize the mental and physical stress response.

Without resilience, the treadmill sits gathering dust, the vegetables go bad in the fridge and the numbers on the scale continue to move in the wrong direction.

Or maybe you stay stuck in grief, lost after a house fire, afraid after losing a job… unable to recover from the waves that hit us, often unexpectedly, during our lifetimes.

But with resilience, everything becomes achievable — and manageable.

Please attend this free event, to learn how this tool can be applied to your life!

Because the astounding news is that the foundations of resilience can be fortified to help you develop it, so that it is there when you need it, to support your capacity to recover, heal and thrive under even the toughest circumstances.

This event is 100% about creating that foundation, faster and stronger, with both small shifts in your daily life to huge, life-altering knowledge and mind-blowing opportunities.

This is a powerful opening, providing seven days of astonishing wisdom, new ideas and an invitation to build the ONE muscle that makes all change possible, no matter what the catalyst or need for that change may be — large or small — catastrophic or simply a desire for a lifestyle shift.

This is your resilience “how-to” experience. Done right, your ability to create a better life, no matter what, is solidly in your hands.

Enhance your resilience when you attend this complimentary, online event! After you sign up, please mark your calendar for October 25-31, 2021!

The host of this event, Jodi Cohen, forged a path to resilience on her own, when no roadmap existed, finding a way to navigate overwhelming grief and heartache after her son, Max, died in a car accident. Through trial and error, over time, Jodi was able to identify certain strategies that seemed to consistently help.

She also began to seek out experts, to research and understand HOW and WHY these tactics helped.

This summit is the compilation of her fieldwork and research. Please don’t miss out on this.

Unlock easy-to-implement strategies to bolster your physical, mental and emotional resilience, when you…

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Download your complimentary eGuide, 10 Foundations of Resilience: Enhance your Capacity to Heal!

Resilience is something you can learn. Like learning a language, resilience is built through experience, information and skill.

Those who can adapt in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy and stress all have one trait in common: They’ve learned resilience!

Resilience is built upon:

  • Restful, restorative sleep
  • A nutrient-rich diet and healthy digestion
  • Movement
  • Detoxification
  • Stress management
  • Heart coherence
  • Mindset
  • Personal responsibility
  • Healthy relationships
  • Emotional regulation

When you have resilience everything you do works better, when you lack resilience nothing you do works no matter how hard you try.

Isn’t it time to improve your odds for success?

Gain insight into the research behind why strengthening these foundations is essential to resilience, and discover simple strategies to help enhance, sustain and support your resilience today!

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