Get Free: Frequency Medicine 9 eBooks & Guides ASAP! Listen 49 Expert Talks (weekend only)

1. The Body Electric Summit 2.0 encore weekend is underway. All talks will be unlocked Saturday through Monday at 10am U.S. Eastern (New York time)!

At this health event, we learned about scientifically proven tools and the cutting-edge research on a multitude of energy, frequency and vibrational healing modalities that promote the body’s natural healing process.

Get the tools you need to create a health-filled energized life!

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Find a few minutes to learn from the “FAN FAVORITE” talks:


  1. Biohacking Your Body Electric 2.0, Dave Asprey
  2. The Fourth Phase of Water, Dr. Gerald Pollack
  3. Anatomy and Physiology of Your Electrical System, Eileen Day McKusick
  4. Our Bodies Through the Lens of Structured Water, Dr. Thomas Cowan
  5. An Empath’s Guide to Dodging Energy Vampires, Dr. Christiane Northrup
  6. Beyond Energy Medicine, Dr. Rashid A. Buttar
    + And more!


Reminder: encore weekend ends on Monday morning March 8th (as does the sale to keep these talks on hand), so be sure to check out the featured talks above to see if this is a topic that could help you along the path to improved health and happiness!

Body Electric Summit 2.0 Encore

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2. These 9 frequency medicine eBooks and guides only available until Tuesday

With 60,000 downloads and growing — there are a number of complimentary eBooks and guides available from The Body Electric Summit 2.0 talking about recalibrating and optimizing the energetic body — until Tuesday.

Whether you attended the event or not, you’ll find some incredible wisdom in these healthy assets written by some of the top minds in natural health.

For instance, just these 4 resources could dramatically improve your health:

  1. Your Body Electric: An Introduction to Bioenergetics eGuide
  2. Energy Hygiene: Healing Checklists and Practical Guidebook
  3. Essential Brain Hygiene eGuide
  4. 3 Interview Transcripts from The Body Electric Summit 2.0
Energy Hygiene Practical eGuide & Healing Checklists Gift

Unlock Dr. Christine Schaffner’s powerful eGuide, Energy Hygiene: Healing Checklists and Practical Guidebook, and learn energy hygiene techniques to help protect you and your family!

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Like I said, even if you didn’t attend the event, you can still access these resources!

Once you’ve taken advantage of the above resources, there are a ton of OTHER complimentary eBooks available:

  • 8 Surprising Ways Beliefs Impact Our Health eBook from HealthMeans
  • Feminine Power Breakthrough eBook from Evolving Wisdom
  • Sugar Detox eBook from 365 Daily Health
  • Dodging Energy Vampires eBook from Dr. Christiane Northrup
  • The Truth About EMFs and 5G eGuide + Rashid Buttar Interview eTranscript on Frequency Healing from The Live Better Group

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Body Electric Summit 2.0 eBook Gift
 We encourage you to find time in your schedule to download these eBooks ASAP, since they disappear ON TUESDAY – March 9…


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Body Electric Summit 2.0