Where Do You Find the Right Tapping Points?

Where Do You Find the Right Tapping Points?

The tapping points are situated in specific locations on your body and correspond to meridian energy points.

Karate Chop Point

The Karate Chop Point is the hand point. It is typically utilized for the simple tapping techniques in EFT, the setup statement part of the affirmation as well as psychological reversals. The (KC) is found on the soft and fleshy portion of the non-dominant hand, between the wrist and the base of the little finger (outside edge of the hand). It is aptly named as it refers to the part of the hand that would karate chop a block of wood.

Some of the emotional releases associated with the karate chop include worry and obsessive behaviors. Stimulating this point is helpful in overcoming these feelings.

Top of Head

The set of points at the top of the head were actually added at EFT conference years ago. They have become widely accepted and are regularly used nowadays. Since a variety of meridians meet at the top of the skull, this is considered a vital energy center. It is also in the area of the Crown Chakra or the 7th Chakra, which is known to be a spiritual energy center.

Some individuals believe that stimulating this area awakens the entire energy system and encourages the mind and body to pay attention to what we are specifically about to address. This point is extremely sensitive and it is important to be extremely gentle when tapping at this location.

Releases for the top of the head include: lack of focus, inner critic and redundant thinking. This location allows for: wisdom, clarity, spiritual connection, focus, spiritual discernment and intuition.


The eyebrow point is found on the dominant side at the start of the eyebrow, above the bridge of your nose. It helps you to heal feelings of deep sadness and inner hurts.

Side of The Eye

This point is found on the dominant side at the end of the eyebrow towards the edge of your temple. It is helpful in releasing anger emotions and for providing clarity of thought.

Under The Eye

This point is located directly under the pupil on the eye socket bone. Tap here if you are feeling worried and anxious. This is your calming point.

Under The Nose

This point is found between the nose and the lip. To help with feelings of guilt and shame, tap here to overcome your feeling and find self-acceptance.


This tapping point is found between the chin and the lower lip, just under the bottom lip. Releases include feelings of embarrassment, uncertainty and shame and like the under nose point, allows self-acceptance.


This point is found just under the protruding bone of the collarbone or clavicle and helps release anxiety and stress.

Under The Arm

Found approximately 6 inches below the armpit; for woman this is in the bra strap region. Emotional releases include poor self-esteem and hopelessness.

Start tapping today for allowing more self-worth into your life.

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