Explore Bone Breathing, a Standing Meditation Practice from Huashan Qigong

Recycle your own energy & align your life with the 4 forces of the Universe.

What if the energy and vitality that carries you into radiant old age —and empowers you to live your best life now — isn’t laid out like a straight line, but instead builds energy as it continues onward and upward, like a spiral? 

Your body, mind, and spirit are joined in a single continuum, according to the Taoists…

Author, philosopher, and martial artist Deng Ming-Dao teaches that Huashan Qigong, from the Quanzhen Sect of the Taoist sacred mountain, winds energy through the mind, body, and spirit — in the shape of a spiral.

As you practice Huashan Qigong poses and cultivate your practice, you build up raw energy that moves in spirals. You’ll ultimately harmonize and spread this energy out, bringing it back into harmony as you clear and secure each part of your mind, body, and spirit — unleashing energy and vitality in both movement and spirit.

Join me on Thursday, October 20, as Ming-Dao reveals how Huashan Qigong can help you build your own path of radiant health and wellbeing that continuously spirals up to extend your longevity.

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Health & Longevity With Huashan Qigong Recycle Your Own Energy and Align Your Life With the 4 Forces of the Universe with Deng Ming-Dao

In this hour-long free online event, you’ll discover:

  • A standing meditation, Bone Breathing, where you’ll imagine your energy spiraling, starting at your fingers, continuing around every part of your body, and concluding in your mind — to strengthen your bones as you purge them of old energy as you begin the process of inner transformation
  • How Taoism is the only wisdom system that encourages you to recycle your own energy — and the fascinating details behind the Taoists’ explanation of how energy moves through your body in spirals
  • How you can improve your health and cultivate longevity by binding your body together via meditation — as you mentally scan your entire body
  • Why energy alone can heal you, according to the Taoists — and how illness is an issue of blockage or insufficient energy
  • How to bring your energy back down after raising it — to power the upper centers of your body and keep your mind vital

Tao means flow and movement of the entire Universe. Ming-Dao will share how Qigong can help you improve your mind, body, and spirit so you can merge the Universe’s flow with the flow and trajectory of your own life.

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In Build Your Path to Radiant Health & Longevity With Huashan Qigong: Recycle Your Own Energy & Align Your Life With the Deeper Forces of the Universe with Deng Ming-Dao…

… you’ll explore Bone Breathing, a standing meditation practice from Huashan Qigong — a wisdom and movement system that helps you achieve greater flexibility, strength, range of motion, circulation of Qi, a fully engaged mind, and a longer life.