Expand Your Energy to Become Radiant Human

Fill your cells with your unique light – and beam your radiance out to the whole world.

To be a radiant human being requires that you know how to emanate your light. 

It means you have energetic tools to work with this energy, and that you’re so comfortable living this way that you easily select and use the right energy psychology tool for the situation at hand.

As energy healer Melanie Roche teaches, you create your own radiant human template when you use your energy tools to track your shifting needs on every level of your being. And you activate this template when you combine your energetic tracking with real-world skills and tools that help you live with greater flow and ease every day.

As a result, you won’t feel like your time here is running out without having made a difference. You’re filled with clarity and a peaceful on-track feeling, and naturally shine with even more radiance.

On Tuesday, June 21, with Melanie, you’ll explore how your unique radiant human template can help you live congruently with what you most care about, fueling your wellbeing, passion, purpose, and sense of belonging and fulfillment… while offering new possibilities for connecting with others and anchoring your radiant wholeness in the world.

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energy psychology tools for evoking and emanating light for healing to become radiant human

In this enlightening online event, you’ll:

  • Find your unique light — a new sense of yourself that is different than anything you may be worried about
  • Fill your body with your unique light for deeper peace, radiance, and expansiveness — and upwell it into each cell of your body and through the levels of your energy field
  • Align your hara and set an intention for how you want your life to be — strengthening your spiritual connection, your sense of belonging within a larger spiritual reality, and your ability to anchor and share your purpose on Earth and in the Universe
  • Fill your intention with your unique light and expand it into your hara line — integrating what you and only you can contribute into your intention
  • Beam your light into the Universe — expanding it as far as you feel comfortable — to naturally attract everything you need to live how you want to live by just being yourself

The world urgently needs your unique contribution — you being you and shining your light!

Join Melanie for this free online event to discover the wonder of your own unique light — and how to radiate your light so you can positively impact your own life, the lives of those you love, and the world at large. 

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In The Radiant Human Template: Energy Psychology Tools to Evoke & Emanate Light for Healing with energy healer Melanie Roche…

… you’ll expand your energy to become radiant — and affect your world from the inside out using powerfully aligned energy psychology techniques.