EFT to Release Stress, Anxiety & Anger with Tapping Meditations

EFT Tapping Meditations can help you relieve stress, release anxiety, and move from anger to peace.

You’ve noticed in the past couple of years, the plethora of research around meditation and mindfulness and its benefit for all aspects of your life.

One of the challenges when it comes to personal growth and self-help is that it often feels like it takes months or years to experience the results.

Have you ever felt that things just aren’t changing quickly enough? You’re putting in the time and effort… but not seeing the results…

We know the feeling, that’s why we’re SO excited to share a cutting-edge resource, a combination of meditation and EFT Tapping (a technique that is also seeing a boom in research showing its positive effects).

These “Tapping Meditations” as they’re called, allow you to do two things:

1. Consciously address the things that are in your way. They specifically quiet the “monkey mind”.

2. Help you access a deeper part of your unconscious mind to create radical, positive change.

Pick the one that is most helpful now, listen in, tap along, and watch your life transform! (You can even download them!)

What’s incredible about Tapping Meditations is that they not only help you to feel calm and balanced, they also help you to release deep core issues that you may be dealing with.

Video with New York Times Best-Selling Author, Jessica Ortner guides you through three Tapping Meditations to bring you the piece of mind

These Tapping Meditations along with other videos, are being released as part of the lead up to an amazing event known as the Tapping World Summit. This year’s summit, which is the 12th annual event and starts on February 24th, takes you through 10 days of free presentations (2 per day) where you get to learn from the world’s leading Tapping experts on a variety of topics. Over 2.5 million people have attended this event over the past 11 years! I can’t recommend this event enough, as it is 100% content and very life-changing.