EFT Related Practices (Qigong) Clear Stress & Boost Immunity – Free Video Recording + Extended Training Course

Unlock your inner power to boost your own health — as you receive easy-to-do movements, meditations, and breathing exercises to strengthen your lungs and power up your respiratory system.

With so much out of our control during this time of collective challenge, there’s never been a better time to take your health and vitality into your own hands.

Now is the perfect time to look within and master the ancient practice of Qigong, the Chinese system of self-cultivation developed over 3,000 years ago… which is closely related to the system of energy channels and acupressure points used in the ETF tapping as a type of simplified acupuncture and technique of consciously controlling and directing the flow of life force energy through them, which is part of all such branches of Chinese traditional energy medicine.

To this day, it’s rearded around the world as a powerful method for preventing illness, healing dis-ease — and prolonging your life.

Internationally renowned meditation, Tai Chi, and Qigong teacher Lee Holden will share how Qigong — which he calls the art of effortless power — can elevate your energy, reduce stress, and help you enter into a potentially life-changing flow state…

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Join Free Qigong Practices to Clear Stress & Build Your Supercharged Immune System with Lee Holden


During this one-hour special video event, you’ll discover:

  • The 3 key Qigong exercises for building a supercharged immune system
  • 3-minute breathing exercise to clear stress and induce the relaxation response
  • The history of Chinese medicine, and why it’s considered “true healthcare”
  • How to discover the root cause of disease and transform it before it manifests in the body
  • How to activate Qi and the electrical system in your body/mind system
  • The Healing Sound for the lungs and a way to power up your respiratory system

With Lee as your guide, you’ll explore how to harness your own internal energy — and feel a sense of connection with your health, nature, and the universe… a connection we all need now more than ever. 

The gift of Qigong is that you come back into your own body to boost your health and vitality — uncovering powerful healing effects you’ll see today and over the course of your lifetime.

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In Discover Qigong Practices to Clear Stress & Build Your Supercharged Immune System, you’ll unlock your own inner power to discover the root cause of disease and transform it — as you receive practices to boost your vitality, rejuvenate your Qi, and build a powerful immune system.