EFT – Simple Energy Therapy for Positive Change in Your Life

Practice EFT to Bring Positive Change in Your Life

More and more people are claiming that Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) has the power to change lives in powerful and positive ways. Many people have stopped relying on the healthcare system and psychologists to solve their ills, and have begun to take responsibility for their own emotional and physical health. More people are turning to energy therapies because they provide effective relief that is simple to apply.

Because it is versatile, powerful, effective and most of all, simple, EFT is one of the best of the energy therapies, and is gaining a lot of attention. One of its most intriguing attributes is that it is so versatile, because it can profoundly address so many physical and emotional problems. It can even be used in business situations for addressing general problem-solving. It works by changing the energy systems flowing through the body as it utilizes the focus of the mind toward addressing the issue at hand.

We know that how we think has a direct connection to our well-being. When we engage in negative thinking or allow ourselves to dwell in the low energies of anger, fear, doubt, hate, etc., that kind of thinking affects our body chemistry in subtle and not-so-subtle ways and affects the normal flow of energy throughout the body.

Disruptions of energy flow to the body’s overall energy system, if allowed to continue for long periods of time, lead to physical and/or emotional ailments. Alternatively, thinking positive thoughts raises the general energy levels of the body and allows the free flowing of healing energy within the body.

If you don not like how things are, change it! You are not a tree.

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How does EFT work?

Without the use of needles as in acupuncture, EFT uses a similar form of tapping on the energy systems of the body at various meridian points of the head, face and body. At the same time as we are tapping on the meridian points, we say aloud a phrase that is an affirmation relating to the issue being addressed. The simple process of tapping at the meridian points starts a releasing of the negativity, allowing the energy to flow freely once more.

Amazingly, the process takes effect very quickly. It only takes one minute to go through one round of tapping. One round involves tapping on each of the various points in the sequence. Depending on how deeply ingrained the symptoms are, we usually allow about three to five rounds of tapping and saying affirmations at the same time. It only takes this short amount of time for you to feel a definite raising of energy levels. If combined with some breathing techniques, the effect can even be more powerful, especially for issues of anxiety or phobias.

EFT can be an excellent tool in working with children. Since children inherently have fewer inhibitions than adults, they readily take to EFT’s offbeat process and the creativity that EFT affords. You will find they tend to bring humor into the picture, and humor always seems to make the healing process go easier and more rapid. It is always good to adopt a more lighthearted approach when using EFT. It helps not to take yourself and your issues too seriously. Laughter can facilitate the healing process by defusing old issues.

With its marvelous versatility, after mastering the basics, it is useful for letting go of all sorts of negative emotions. You will be able to get relief from physical symptoms and make positive changes in just about all areas of your life. It can be used to increase the speed of attaining goals, such as manifesting more money, implementing a healthier lifestyle, and making improvements in your relationships, among many other uses.

For rapid life improvement in so many different areas, don’t pass EFT by. You could be passing up great potential for enriching your life in areas you have scarcely imagined.

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