EFT for Insomnia

EFT tapping for Insomnia

Using EFT for insomnia is gaining more appeal with people, because they are finding it very useful in helping them fall asleep.

It is always important to look at underlying issues that may be causing your insomnia. It must be kept in mind that a cause always exists; it could be emotional, physical, or both. To get permanent relief, working on the cause while using EFT will be of great benefit in overcoming insomnia.

Start by analyzing what might be causing your insomnia. What thoughts circle around in your head while you are awake at night? Is there a theme that keeps playing out? Perhaps you have some particular worry that persists in invading your thoughts and you feel that you must reach an answer right away.

Here is a suggestion to get started: Think about the responsibilities that are weighing heavily on your mind while you lie awake at night. You can come up with a variation on this phrase: “Even though I feel the burden of responsibility for (here you will fill in with some words that speak to whatever issue is on your mind) . . . “I choose to be aware that I will be better able to resolve this after I get a good night’s sleep.”

Keep in mind that you are not avoiding any issues in using statements such as these. This technique allows you to put the issues aside till a better time, when you can deal with them with clear thinking after a good night’s sleep. Tossing and turning, fretting and worrying over issues that you cannot solve in the middle of the night is counter-productive.

When you are using EFT specifically to fall asleep, instead of actually tapping on the points, you can do a mental tapping that is, envision yourself tapping at the points in your imagination rather than doing physical tapping. Mental tapping with EFT avoids the physical activity which can keep you awake and works just as well. This will allow you to drift off.

If you experience great anxiety because you think you must solve a problem immediately, it is recommended to keep a pen and pad handy by your night table. When thoughts obsessively intrude and you can’t seem to shut them off, write down a sentence or two that will remind you in the morning of what had you so worried during the night. Then you can tap with EFT specifically on the anxiety.

Anger is another emotion that can rob your sleep time. If it is anger that is interfering with your sleep, tap on the anger itself. You must be completely honest and get to all the resentment and anyone who is the source of your irritation. You can use a phrase such as, “Even though I’m so angry at (here you would fill in the situation or the person’s name), I can choose to be relaxed and calm in this moment.”

This works really well since it is likely that your anger caused you much irritation and perhaps you felt threatened in some way. The affirmation can dissipate the feeling of being threatened and give you peace so you can sleep.

EFT for Insomnia - Tapping helps for Good Night Sleep

Another good phrase is this: “Even though I can’t sleep, I can choose to be pleasantly drowsy…” A direct suggestion of sleep might lead to subconscious resistance, but this affirmation lets the suggestion slip in quietly (through the “back door”) and does not arouse subconscious resistance. Becoming pleasantly drowsy can allow you to slip off to sleep.