Discover How to Heal Yourself with Reiki Practice

Experience a guided Reiki practice (free session) to access your body’s innate healing intelligence.

We live in a world that places more value on doing than being, and encourages willfulness over inspired action — diminishing the greater possibilities for our lives in the process.

The quest to dominate the day is reflected throughout various aspects of our lives, including the way that we approach our own wellbeing.

Your self-care regimen, for example, likely consists of a lot of habitual practices and steps that aim to create a specific outcome — be it increased energy, supple skin, better sleep, or perhaps access to deeper streams of wisdom.

But what if the most effective self-care practice that you could ever do for yourself, was actually learning how to simply place hands and just be with yourself

… to experience all that you are as a portal to personal and spiritual transformation in the here and now.

On Tuesday, November 8, with Reiki master Pamela Miles, you’ll explore Reiki practice as a gateway to spiritual transformation — and experience a guided Reiki session for dropping into beingness and balance, and opening yourself to your intuition and inner wisdom… enabling you to remain poised amid the uncertainties of life.

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Expand Your Capacity for Good Health with Reiki as a Spiritual Self-Care Practice

In this free online event, you’ll:

  • Explore Reiki practice as taught by Hawayo Takata, who brought Reiki to the West from Japan in the late 1930s
  • Discover why Reiki is a spiritual practice — and so much more than an energy healing technique
  • Learn how the feeling of being home in your body improves how your body functions
  • Discover why the best way to practice Reiki is the way that YOU practice — and why getting caught up in the “right way” to practice Reiki misses the point
  • Experience a guided Reiki practice for helping the mind soften, allowing you to access your body’s own healing intelligence

Are you ready to explore Reiki as a spiritual practice that enhances balance and leads to deeper presence — to experience your beingness as a natural pathway to higher health and inspired living

Join Pamela for this informative online event where she’ll share her unique perspective on Reiki practice, informed by spirituality and supported by medical science… and how this approach can deepen and reinvigorate your self-care practice.  

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In Reiki: It’s Not What You Think — Explore Reiki as a Spiritual Self-Care Practice to Be Fully Present & Expand Your Capacity for Good Health with Pamela Miles…

… you’ll discover how to develop a relationship with the invisible parts of your life and your innate healing abilities — by regularly practicing Reiki as a spiritual gateway to empowered health, deepened presence, and inspired living.