Cultivate Inner Safety, Resiliency & Wellbeing With BioDynamic Breathwork

Discover how to call upon the resources within you that can help you heal trauma.

When you’re living with lingering trauma, it can feel like your own strengths and the tools at your disposal just aren’t enough to help you cope in the moment — let alone grow and thrive. 

Fortunately, the resources you need for healing are within you and all around you, every day.

According to Giten Tonkov’s BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release Systemresourcing means calling into play anything or anyone that supports your wellbeing.

These resources are a natural part of your life, yet the process of calling upon these resources deftly, quickly, and easily must be learned.

Giten will share how to access the resources around you — so you won’t feel as overwhelmed by outer circumstances, and so your nervous system becomes more resilient…

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Cultivate Inner Safety, Resiliency & Wellbeing With BioDynamic Breathwork with Giten Tonkov

In this 60-minute free online event, you’ll discover:

  • How to tap into the resources within and around you, including your own felt sense — to connect more deeply to your inner safe space
  • Techniques for letting go of tension and deepening your meditation practice
  • How to use body awareness to regulate your system so you don’t feel overwhelmed by external stimulation
  • Powerful ways to scan the body for places that are tight so you can release tension
  • guided practice that begins with the breath to activate sensations in your body, connect to your felt sense, and summon the resources you need

Giten’s BioDynamic Breathwork system opens up your heart so you can experience intuitive healing where it’s needed most — to heal past trauma, connect with your authentic being… and experience joy and peace.

Once you know how to intentionally use these resources, you’ll be one step closer to creating a trauma-free life.

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