Basic EFT Tapping Method

EFT Traditional Tapping Technique

It only takes a few minutes to learn the basic EFT sequence. It is straightforward and once you memorize it, it is easy to repeat. After obtaining very little practice, you will be performing every round in less than a minute.

The great thing about tapping is that is that it is fairly flexible. If for example, you don’t tap exactly on the meridian points, the benefits will still present themselves. You may often experience times when you are unable to complete the entire tapping sequence due to a lack of privacy.

During these times, EFT can be modified by simply tapping on the karate chop point or the collar bone and stating your positive affirmations.

Some people find it beneficial to tap their fingertips together since a variety of meridian points is located within them. Many people have success grounding and centering themselves by lightly tapping their fingers on their upper thigh just above their knee. This can be a great option if you need to do some tapping while at your desk or when you are discussing stressful topics over the phone.

Getting Started

Your fingertips are your tapping tool. There is a variety of acupuncture meridians located in your fingertips, therefore you are not only activating the meridians you are tapping on; you are also using the ones in your fingers at the same time.

Since the majority of tapping points exist on either side of the body, it does not matter if you switch sides while you are working through the tapping sequence.

Originally, EFT had you tapping with your index and middle finger and only using one hand. Either hand works as well as the other. It is ok to switch sides during tapping. If you start tapping under your right arm for example, and end up under your left arm later on, it is ok.

Some people believe it is better to use all of your fingers and both hands. This technique covers more surface area, thus enabling you to access more of your acupuncture points. Other people have obtained great success with the traditional method of one hand, two fingers.

It is important to be comfortable and choose what works best for you in order to achieve the greatest results.

Basic Method

Try to consciously use your fingertips as opposed to your finger pads, as the tips have more meridian points. Of course, if you have long fingernails, take care not to hurt yourself! Prior to beginning, it is a good idea to remove any bracelets, your glasses and your watch as these can interfere with some of your tapping places.

Starting at the top of your head, tap each meridian point 5 to 7 times. The actual number is not crucial to the success of the session but instead, should approximately be the length of time it takes for one full breath.

Work your way through the meridian points.

Each point lies below the previous point, making it super easy to remember if you start at the top and work your way down. It is not necessary to work on the points in any specific order as long as you remember to tap each one.

If you choose to use both hands it is recommended to alternate the tapping so that each hand is slightly out of phase with the other hand, as opposed to tapping with both hands at the same time.

How EFT tapping works